Renovation Abri du Van

History of renovation work

  • Démontage de la toiture de l'ancien hébergement
In 2003, the small reception building contained a dormitory whose quality left much to be desired.

The AAFR committee took the decision to renovate it to accommodate groups of schoolchildren in the green week or tourists during the weekend.

Plans submitted included:

  • a kitchen
  • A large refectory
  • Small rooms with bunk beds (2 rooms with 2 beds with showers and toilets, 4 rooms with 6 beds and 2 rooms with 4 beds).

Work began in the fall of 2004.

The first task was to demolish part of the old building. A group of volunteers contributed valiantly to the demolition and reconstruction work with the collaboration of the companies involved.

Refurbished, somewhat enlarged, the building took the name of the “Abri du Van”, it was inaugurated on 1 May 2005.