Things to see in this region

The Cirque “Creux du Van” (2 stars Michelin Guide) is an inexhaustible source of discovery, in terms of flora, fauna and geology (documentation available at the Ferme Robert restaurant).

  • Chamois

Excursion offer: tour of “Creux du Van”

To make the tour of the Creux du Van, climb up the path of the “Single” then, descend by the path of the “Quatorze contours” and return to La Ferme Robert. The complete route is about 6.5 km for a drop of nearly 500 m. It is therefore necessary to count about 4 hours without the stops. (See national map of Switzerland 1: 25,000, Travers n ° 1163 or on the map).
Note that this course is located in a nature reserve. It is about staying on the trails and carrying binoculars to observe the animals without disturbing them.

For excursions with a guide, see under Interpretation Center.

The region also offers very interesting opportunities for visiting visitors, including:

For the curious, here are some books on the region (only french):

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  • Une approche géographique, historique littéraire et anecdotique de la région du Creux du Van. Ouvrage collectif (Vol. 1), Eds. du Club Jurassien, 1998.
  • Nature au Creux du Van. Ouvrage collectif (Vol. 2), Eds. du Club Jurassien, 1998.
  • Les Gorges de l’Areuse. Ouvrage collectif, Eds. A la Baconnière, 1986.
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