Interpretation Center from the Creux du Van into the Ferme Robert

Visitors will discover:

  • An exhibition of works by the naturalist Robert Hainard.
  • Films on the history of Ferme Robert, on the secrets of the Creux du Van and on the frozen scree,
  • A virtual 3D model of the nature reserve,
  • Information on the geology, fossils of the rocks of the region, flora and fauna.

Opening of the interpretation center

Saturday the 21th of May.

New exibition  : Works by the naturalist Robert Hainard.

(Saturdays, Sundays  from 10.30am to 5.30pm. Free admission.)

Outside these hours, opening on request, see below.

Excursions: a team of competent guides

The Association des Amis de la Ferme Robert has set up a team of guides whose skills are recognized: biologists, mountain guides.
For registration, E-mail: Frédéric Cuche

Excursions to the Creux du Van – spring and summer 2020

  •  …June with Alain Tschanz. ( See later)
  •  …July with Frederic Cuche.